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Michio Nishihara Toro (ESPAÑOL)

Pianista chileno. Ha realizado su carrera como concertista en Europa y Latinoamérica con apariciones en importantes salas de Inglaterra, Alemania, Francia, Polonia, Italia, Bélgica, España, Rusia, Argentina, Perú, Bolivia, Rumania, Hungría y Chile (en salas tales como Royal Festival Hall en Londres, Teatro Colón en Buenos Aires, Sala Witold Lutoslawski de la Radio Nacional Polaca, Sociedad Chopin de Varsovia, Rachmaninov Saal del Conservatorio de Moscú o St Martin in the Fields en Londres) Tiene a su haber tres CDs publicados con obras desde Beethoven y Chopin, hasta Szymanowski, Debussy y Scriabin.

Inicia su educación musical en Antofagasta con Mario Baeza Cortés y Jorge Maldonado, para posteriormente estudiar en Santiago bajo la dirección de Oscar Gacitúa. En 1992 viaja a Europa donde realiza sus estudios superiores completos, obteniendo el "Master of Fine Arts" en 1997 en la Academia de Música en Bydgoszcz, Polonia, para seguidamente realizar estudios de post-grado en el Conservatorio Tchaikovsky de Moscú, clase de Victor Merzhanov.

Michio Nishihara Toro (ENGLISH)

Michio Nishihara Toro was born in Concepcion, Chile in 1972, and received his music education in Santiago, under the supervision of the famed Chilean pianist Oscar Gacitua; this was followed by studies at the Bydgoszcz Music Academy (Poland) with Professors Wieslawa Ronowska and Katarzyna Popwa-Zydron, as well as at the Moscow Conservatory under Professor Victor Merzhanov. Michio Nishihara Toro has performed throughout South America and Europe, at such esteemed venues as Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires, Royal Festival Hall in London, Rachmaninov Hall at the Moscow Conservatory, Polish Radio Witold Lutoslawski Concert Hall in Warsaw, St Martin in the Fields in London, Warsaw Chopin Society. He has released three CD with a repertoire that ranges from the Classical period to 20th century piano works, though perhaps his specialty lies within the Romantic literature, and particularly the works of Chopin.


"The Chilean pianist Michio Nishihara Toro is a mature and fascinating artist... Along with possessing a technique of real magnitude, he proved to have an original personality. His rendition of Chopin's music fascinated the audience with its unusual aesthetic, authenticity, and pianistic mastery."
Ruch Muzyczny (Warsaw)

"In Beethoven's 'Appassionata' Sonata, Nishihara Toro displayed a clear sense of the work's dramatic form and sweeping tonal structure capturing the music's rich romantic expression and intensity. Importantly, the pianist never interjected unwarranted gestures or hurried the phrasing and rhythm, wisely allowing the music to gradually unfold thereby permitting the contrasting sections to develop and build to climaxes. Liszt provided a perfect vehicle for the pianist's considerable technique and explosive chords, but it was in Chopin that Nishihara Toro communicated his deepest affection for the romantic period, sculpturing each phrase with their interiors echoes and variations along with well defined dynamics, while at the same time allowing the music to move forward with an uncanny sense of rhythmic freedom."
Musical Opinion (London)